Finding Richard follows a young boy, Gull, who on hearing that the bones of Richard the Third have been found begins his own archaeological quest. Helping him on this journey is his Grandad, himself a dreamer who see something of himself in Gull. But what Gull finds isn’t quite what he – or his Grandad – expected.

Finding Richard is a co-production between Hive Films and Sawscale Films. Formed as  a concept in late 2013 Hive Films’ Rhys Davies directs and co-writes with Sawscale Films’ Doug Cubin producing and co-directing.

Hive Films second feature film ‘How To Make A Movie For 43 Pounds’ recently premiered at Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival and is currently on the festival circuit.  Sawscale Films are in production on the psychological thriller The Fort, due for a 2015 release.